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Happy health

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Is it possible to lead a stress freelife? Certainly, accoording to the health experts, 90% of the stress is due to one’s own mistakes, if one is cautious ,stress can be busted out,we should work with care & diligence, then stress is not a problem, if stress is not handled properly, it ruins our total health,BP rises,sugar attacks, leads heart problems,   but little stress is ok, it helps us to do our works in time,

how to fight this stress?

  1. discuss the issue with your friends,
  2. take a long breath,
  3. walk a little bit, after every hour,
  4. look at the nature- trees,flowers,aquarium
  5. repeating breathing exercises, like long breathing in & out slowly for 5 minutes,
  6. playing with pet animals, doing the gardening,
  7. Recite Rosary, read scriptures-Bible,Koran,Bhagavad Geeta etc.,
  8. Be keen to sounds of birds, water,trees…
  9. music,meditation,Yoga,
  10. long walks/short walks
  11. a little rest, being alone,

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