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Happy health,emotional health,

Last updated on September 7, 2019


for our bright future health is very important,as we have goals to achieve ,controlling/suppressing emotions like(anger,sadness,love)may lead to heart ailments,assigning some works to others in confidence helps us a lot,if a mistake is done ,we need the courage to accept it &  feel sorry,it releases stress,if the ego not allows us to accept the mistakes, it further leads  to more stress,share the troubles with others,which solves half of the problems,be optimistic,and hope the best,good friendships ,anger management,leads to happy health,

faith in God,faith in oneself,keeps in good health,avoid superstitions,follow good customs , traditions religious beliefs- for long life,for good mental and physical health, keep a smile always,laughter therapy reduces blood pressure,stress,cancer and other heart ailments,

thank you very much,


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