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Hemp what a miraculous!!


as a fuel works well in running in vehicles, but it is not petrol,as a soft cloth it comforts, but it is not cotton,it has many proteins ,but not the meet,it is also used as concrete ,but not the cement, then what it is  ? that is HEMP plant ,such a miraculous plant ,for all problems it shows the solution, that is why the whole world is looking after this plant and it’s uses!!

organic plant ,when compared with cotton which consumes more water and where extensive chemicals & pesticides are used to bring up ,this hemp consumes less water and not required of any chemicals, thus it saves water,as well as soil in getting polluted,in short protects the environment,easy to grow, comes to harvest in shorter period of time,the threads it gives are more strong, many countries lifted the ban on it , to cultivate extensively ,,


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